Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas time this year

MamaLang did something huge and she just though she was doing something small to make me smile. She sent me christmas decorations!!! OK I am a Christmas decoration fanatic, I love to put them up and last year we even won a gift card for our decorations! I love Christmas and every thing about it. Except for the fact the idiots at Wally world had Christmas stuff up for sale in JUNE this year and it was NOT leftover stuff!!!!! I have been feeling a little detached about christmas this year for many reasons. Obviously one is that I am not at home with my family. Another is that in the messed up world where we have to be politically correct We have HOLIDAY parties, we have been told we have to say Happy Holidays not Merry Christmas. I am sorry but there are several different religious holiday's this time of year. Celebrate them if you believe in them and rejoice but dammit there is no X in Christmas! There is however Christ in Christmas he bongs there he is there for a reason stop trying to take him out...Judas took care of that a long long time ago. Up until yesterday I knew it was December, yup closer to my birthday, this year I get to celebrate it by taking an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Yeah just what I wanted.... There are no decorations around here, we can't have them might insult the islamic foks of Iraq. There is no christmas carols playing outside anywhere. It just does not feel like christmas. I have been a bit depressed over it and it was getting to me. Yesterday I am running around trying to learn my way and find someone and when I went to our company office I was told I had mail!!!!! I LOVE mail! It is a way to touch someone from home that you just can;' do over a phone or texting...Just need to teach ML to send some scented stuff too a paper maybe a small spray on the blanket she sent so it smells like she is in bed with me at night...I digress. I get back to my CHU ( that is what they call out trailer rooms) and open it up! I get a fleece blanket that I was really needing even though I didnt think I would (that woman just take such great care of me) and then there it was a MINI CHRISTMAS TREE!!!! with bells for ornaments and red ribbons and candy canes, and a min tree skirt and a wrapped present. Ok now it seems like christmas. I got some christmas music from a fellow soldier and played it while decorating my room. Next week I will put up the lights she sent when I buy a converter. I also got a full stocking the is on the wall (not looked in by the way) and a santa hat that I am damn sure going to try to wear on my way to work on the 25th. I also got an ornament in another package yesterday that is too big for my little tree but it is on the wall right next to it. I can;t up load many pics but I am at least up loading one of my tree. Thank you honey for my decorations they were exactly what I needed to cheer me up! I love you very much.

This year at church please let Monster or Boo hold a second candle during Silent Night, that way I cna at least be with you guys that way since I wont be there in person. I will miss looking at you while you hold the candle the light always reflect the gold tints in your eyes and you look at our kids with a look of pure love. There are little thing I miss about home, it just seems this time of year there are LOT more little things and big things to miss.

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Mamalang said...

Hey silly, you spelled Christmas wrong :)

I love you, and I'm glad what we sent you made you happy.