Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Good, The bad, and the really ugly....

OK I am in Iraq for nt only christmas and New Years but in the middle of those two ia my birthday as well. There is the bad in a nut shell. The good. I got to see my kids open most of their christmas gifts, not a bad feat for thousands of miles away. I got to hear and SEE my kids sing happy Birthday too me. Yup I cried, I stopped as best as I could but I think MamaLang may have noticed. I got to enjoy the season as best as I can being where I am wth them being home. there is the good. The Ugly.. you say what can be uglier than being so far from home on the holidays??? I will tell you a brief story. My co workers bought me a birthday cake. It was cute really. They sang Happy Birthday to me (It was bed but not ugly). I cut the cake and started to serve it. I put a piece on my plate and noticed on the board the cake came off of looked like small dark spots. I looked at the bottom of the cake and asked what kind of cake it was. When one of my Soldiers that went and got the cake said it was yello wcake and not chocolate chip I put my piece right back onto the board it came off of and asked what the cakes expiration date was ready for this.....AUGUST 15th 2008!!! THis cake had been in Iraq longer than I HAVE!!! It was taken right back to the PX. I went with them to look for a different cake. We looked at all the cakes in the cooler. The freshest cake in there expired in October! None of the workers would take the cakes out and the manager was nowhere to be found! We left without a cake. I appreciated what my guys went through just getting a cake. It would have been nice to eat it but hey i am trying to lose weight anyway and really didn't need the empty calories.

That ladies and Gents is the Good nope great! the bad and the really really ugly of my Holiday season.

May you all have a Happy New Year. Spend it with someone you love orthink about the love one you wish you could be spending it with!

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~moe~ said...

Sorry about the cake. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday.